Getting ratings and reviews

In our experience, ratings and reviews turn curious browsers into customers. But only a hand full of customers actually rate and review the tours they take. So it’s important to lend a helping hand and get your tour noticed with a few positive reviews and ratings.

Getting reviews on your VoiceMap tour #

When your tour is published, we provide you with a few free coupons that you can use for marketing purposes. They can also be used by friends and family members to access the tour and leave a rating and a review on your behalf. You can see the coupon codes assigned to you at, and if you have any questions on how to use them or what instructions to give, check out this page.

Getting reviews on TripAdvisor #

In 2020 TripAdvisor started placing greater importance on reviews. Tours with a larger number of positive reviews will be more visible on the platform. Ask your friends and family who have taken the tour before to review it for you. They don’t need to have previously purchased or even booked the tour through TripAdvisor in order to leave a review.

If your tour receives an average rating of 4.5 or more stars and 15 or more reviews, Viator will view the tour as an excellent product and reward it with a Badge of Excellence. Tours with a badge will be displayed more prominently on Viator where travellers can now filter for products with a badge.

Review the app store #

Finally, if you haven’t rated VoiceMap yet in the Apple App Store or the Play Store on your mobile device, please do. And if your review includes references to your tour’s region, city, neighbourhood, or theme, all the better. You can also ask your friends and family members who helped you test the tour or have taken the tour to rate VoiceMap in their phone’s app store too. The more ratings we receive, the more visible VoiceMap becomes and the more people are converted into regular users and have access to your tour.

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