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A slide from VoiceMap’s investor deck describing the problems with group tours that VoiceMap solves.

It’s our job to promote the VoiceMap platform as a whole, as you’d expect, but when you are discussing your tour, it’s worth narrowing in on a few, simple talking points that help to differentiate VoiceMap from both group tours and other audio tours.

In our experience, the following points resonate with people learning about VoiceMap for the first time:

  1. Explain why VoiceMap tours are better than group tours. You can take them at any time, for instance, and go at your own pace, stopping to take that perfect picture or pop into a store. This advantage alone is often an excellent foundation for blog posts about your tour.
  2. Explain why VoiceMap is better than low quality audio tours. One bad experience is enough to turn users against any audio tour app, either because the material is dull or the audio isn’t clear or the directions don’t make sense. Describe VoiceMap’s publishing process and standards, along with the way our tools and editors help to ensure consistent, high-quality experiences.
  3. Explain that additional tours in the same city normally end up improving sales for everybody as a result of network effects. You might think that the opposite is true, because tours compete with each other for a share of the same market, but what actually happens is that each new publisher brings new users to the medium, growing the pie for everybody. Encourage people to produce tours that complement yours! It’s in your own best interest. You could even produce tours for other people, as a professional producer.

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