I’d like to introduce you to Laurens ten Berge. Laurens has published his own tour of the Hague in English, but he’s also translated nine tours by other people into Dutch. He did the voice overs for all of them too.

We’d like to work with more people like Laurens, and to make that easier, we have developed tools and reports specifically for translators. Royalties on translated tours are split equally three ways between the storyteller, the translator, and VoiceMap, and we always get the storyteller’s permission to begin on a translation.

If you’re interested in working with us to translate tours, or you know somebody who might be, please send an email to You can see the list of currently supported languages in the app by going to Settings > Language. Although it helps to have previously published a VoiceMap tour, we welcome proposals from anyone interested in earning royalties from translated tours. For example, we have previously worked with professional translators and multilingual voice-over artists.