Get the basics right

When you click on Publish, your tour goes out immediately, and from that point on, it’s available through either VoiceMap’s mobile apps or at

We hope it’s satisfying to see it there, and if you chose a compelling title and a striking cover image, and also made sure that the first three locations would captivate users who preview the tour, it probably won’t be long before you start to make your first sales. But the difference between our best-selling and worst-selling tours isn’t always the quality of the content – that often comes down to what you do next, when you start making sure you’re doing as much as other publishers to promote and sell your tour.

There are a few basics outlined here, and it’s easy to get most of them right. The first is making your tour easy to discover in the first place, before converting the people who do discover it into buyers by overcoming any reservations they might have. Even if you rely on VoiceMap for discovery, you’ll need to convince people to spend money as well as precious leisure time on it – sometimes in competition with other VoiceMap tours in the same city.

After that, we’ll look at using social and printed media to promote your tour.