Use your free vouchers to get ratings and reviews

When you publish your tour, you’ll get copies to distribute for free using voucher codes. Give these to family and friends – or an existing audience, maybe, if you have professional social media accounts, a mailing list, a podcast, or some other suitable distribution channel.

Encourage them to actually do the tour, and to both rate it and leave a comment afterwards. This is also an excellent opportunity to get feedback, particularly on whether everybody found it easy to follow your tour’s directions. If some of them didn’t, talk to you editor about adjusting the map or even making minor changes to the tour’s audio.

Left: The list of tours in London with ratings prominently displayed. Right: Comments on Alex Parkhill’s tour The Heart of Vienna. Note prices convert to the local customers currency – in this case South African Rand.

How to use vouchers #

To see a list of the vouchers associated with your account as well as how many of them are still valid, go to while signed into your VoiceMap account. You can also reach this screen by clicking on Vouchers in the My Account menu.

Voucher page showing used and remaining vouchers. Note that there is a voucher name as well a link. Also note that the final code, rguunion, is valid for up to 50 redemptions. This is also where you or businesses that sell your tour can manage inventory from bulk sales.

Vouchers can be redeemed using the apps or a web browser, but the steps involved are slightly different in each case. We recommend in-app redemption most of the time because there are fewer steps involved from the moment the user receives the code to actually going out and doing the tour. But if you can’t provide instructions along with the voucher code, browser redemption is generally more effective.

Instructions for using voucher codes in VoiceMap’s mobile apps

You can copy and paste the instructions below. Just be sure to replace the two instances of EXAMPLE1 with a code from Codes entered into the apps are not case sensitive, so example1 will work just as well as EXAMPLE1.






1. Install VoiceMap from the Apple App Store or Google Play

2. Create an account

3. Select Tour Codes from the menu, then select Enter Codes

4. Enter the code EXAMPLE1 then select Download Now

  • Download the tour before you go
  • Charge your device
  • Bring headphones

Instructions for using voucher codes in a browser

At, you’ll see that for every voucher code, there is a url in the right hand column, under Links. If you share these, when users arrive at your tour’s page, the price will have been replaced with the word Redeem.

An example of tour page with the price replaced by Redeem on the red purchase button to the right of the title

For new VoiceMap users, clicking on Redeem will prompt them to create an account before adding the tour to it. Although they can listen to the tour entirely on their desktop, before they can actually use the tour on their phone they’ll also need to install the iOS or Android app and then sign into that with the same account. There are nudges at each step along the way explaining what to do next.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to (Codes in urls like this are case sensitive, so a link with ?promo=EXAMPLE1 at the end of it wouldn’t work.)
  2. Click on Redeem
  3. Install VoiceMap from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  4. Log into the same account, with the same username or email address and password
  5. Select Account from the menu,
  6. Select Purchase and you’ll see the tour in the list that appears there, ready for download

Requesting additional voucher codes for promotional purposes #

If you need extra codes for the purposes of promoting your tour, we’ll generally provide them for free. Just send an email to [email protected] explaining how you would like to use them.

We can also customise codes to help with promotions targeting a specific group – like a single code with the eight character string ‘beerclub’ that is good for 10 redemptions, for example.

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