Use your free vouchers to get ratings and reviews

When you start a new tour, you’ll get 10 voucher credits. You’ll receive an additional 10 credits once the tour is published. These credits can be converted into voucher codes.

You can use the vouchers to get your first ratings and reviews. Give your friends and family free access to your tour by providing them with a voucher code and asking them to rate and review the tour. You can also share these codes with an existing audience if you have professional social media accounts, a mailing list, a podcast, or some other suitable distribution channel.

The importance of ratings and reviews #

Ratings are becoming more important than ever before. As we introduce new features and our new explore screen, it’ll be easier for customers to sort tours by ratings. We’ll also display lists like Best Selling Tours that display the top-rated tours in the app.

Potential customers look at ratings and reviews when they’re making a decision on whether to download a tour or not, making authentic reviews important. Encourage the people who you give your free vouchers to actually do the tour, and to both rate it and leave a comment afterwards. This is also an excellent opportunity to get feedback, particularly on whether everybody found it easy to follow your tour’s directions. If some of them didn’t, talk to you editor about adjusting the map or even making minor changes to the tour’s audio.

Vouchers can be redeemed using the apps or a web browser, but the steps involved are slightly different in each case. You’ll find instructions on how to redeem tours using voucher codes here. We recommend in-app redemption most of the time because there are fewer steps involved from the moment the user receives the code to actually going out and doing the tour.

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