Share it on social media

It’s tricky to measure the impact of social media on tour sales. We can’t track all the different platforms equally for a start, and behaviour varies widely from one to the other. Twitter is immediate, with an emphasis on what is happening right now, while people use Instagram for inspiration, sometimes about where to travel to next. But while every platform is different, we do know that the users who discover your tour through social media are more likely to buy it, on average, than users who arrive through every other channel except a referral link, like CNN’s to our home page. For that reason, it makes sense to share your tour, and to do it regularly.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Use platforms you already understand, especially if you already have friends or followers there. It’s generally a waste of time to create a Twitter handle, for example, solely because you’d like to promote your tour there.
  2. Find and talk to communities that are passionate about your tour’s location, or its theme, or even independent travel. You’ll find Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram hashtags, or subreddits focused on just about any subject you can imagine. Just remember #1 and don’t suddenly start posting links to your tour on Reddit if you’ve never used it for any other reason. It’ll do more harm than good.
  3. Share more than just the link to your tour, to help people understand it better. Use photo albums and excerpts from your script, or excerpts from your script superimposed on a photo album, like the example below. Try sound bites on Soundcloud or videos on Youtube. People worry that audio tours will be stuffed with dry facts. Make sure they know that VoiceMap tours are different!

Whether stylized like these photos above, or just simple text overlaid on a picture, enticing quotes from your tour are an easy way to attract an audience.

When you do share your tour, be sure to mention us! You’ll find us at on Facebook, at @MyVoiceMap on Twitter, and at @myvoicemap on Instagram.