Adding photos to tour locations

Each location on your tour can have one photo displayed on the listener’s screen. Here’s an example is from a tour close to our office called Starting up in Woodstock:

Sulaimania Masjid location image, thumbnail view
Sulaimania Masjid location image, expanded view

It’s best to use photos selectively, when they are most useful. You could show:

  • What a site or location looked like in the past
  • A close up of a particular detail on an object or building
  • A photo of a person or subject being talked about
  • An interior shot of a building
  • A wide angle shot to give perspective on a subject from afar

If you didn’t take a photo yourself, or you don’t own the copyright, please make sure you have permission to use it.

Using Creative Commons images #

You can also use Creative Commons images, but these normally require attribution. (These credits can be added to the tour description)

To find Creative Commons images using a Google search, follow these steps:

  1. Search for an image in Google Images
  2. Below the search box, click ‘Search tools’  A new menu will appear – click ‘Usage rights’  
  3. Then select ‘Creative Commons Licenses’.

Now every image you see is free to use and can be cropped appropriately.

If you’re unsure of what could work best for a specific location, feel free to get in touch with us for some advice.

How to add photos to a location #

Before sending us your photos or uploading them yourself, please do the following:

  1. Name all the photos using the location number and name, e.g. 02-munich-old-town-hall.jpeg. This will increase traffic from search engines like Google. If you are sending us photos for a tour that has already been published, this will allow easy matching when our editors upload the photos on your behalf.
  2. The photos will display as either square or portrait, depending on the screen. The minimum / ideal width is 2048px. The ideal height is 2075px, but the vertical size of photos can be larger.
  3. Try to balance file size and photo quality. Large files make your tour slower to download. 1MB is the maximum allowed, but sizes of around 500KB are preferable. Please use .JPEG or .PNG file formats.

For new tours #

To add an image to a location: In the Your Script tab, click Location Info to expand it and select “Choose File” under Image.

A screenshot with an uploaded photo, from the Location Info area in the Your Script tab.

For published tours #

To send us photos for a tour that has already been published, please use a file transfer site like Wetransfer.

Adding two photos to the same location #

At the moment, you can’t actually add two or more photos to the same location. There is a workaround: you can combine two images into a single file, like we have in the example below.

A location image with two photos, thumbnail view
A location image with two photos, thumbnail view
A location image with two photos, expanded view
A location image with two photos, expanded view

We have added a slideshow feature to our roadmap. It’ll allow users to scroll through multiple images added the same location. If this is something you’d use, please let us know so we can prioritise it accordingly.

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