Tour production

Tour customers and businesses will often ask of a storyteller “Hey I really enjoyed your tour – how much would you charge to produce a tour like it to suit my purposes?”.  VoiceMap storytellers can and should take advantage of the set of skills they have developed in making their own tours to provide their production services as a fee for service.  The unique local relationships and knowledge that you possess can lead to profitable production deals.  All-inclusive production for a typical tour including everything from script writing to testing typically is in the range of $4,000 to $10,000 US dollars depending on complexity, and VoiceMap has produced packages of tours with individual contracts totaling over $50,000.  The fees you charge will be up to you and informed by our past experience.  You will generally keep the lion’s share of production contracts, and VoiceMap will keep any annual hosting fees along with the fees for services you ask us to be responsible for (usually audio and script editing and occasionally voice-over services).  You don’t need to wait for someone to ask for your services either – VoiceMap will be happy to support you with additional materials, education on our platform, and sales advice to proactively make proposals to organizations for tour production.  VoiceMap can provide assistance with any technical pieces that you do not want to handle yourself, for example sound mastering and effects design or professional translation and voice-over work in any languages you need.

To inquire about the potential to act as a VoiceMap producer, please email [email protected].  We’ll send you quotation sheet templates along with fee structures we have used in the past, and look forward to discussing your ideas.

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