The role of your editor

The role of your editor #

VoiceMap assigns an editor to every tour, normally a few hours after the tour is created. (This can take a little longer over weekends.)

The word “editor” worries some people, who are concerned about losing their creative license. This isn’t our intention. Location-aware audio is a new medium for most of our storytellers, and it’s the editor’s job to help you make the most of it. They’ll ensure that your tour flows well, has clear directions, and is optimised for the platform.

All of their edits and suggestions will be based on personal experience gained from creating tours of their own, actually going out and doing as many tours as possible, and the feedback we receive from our users. They’re devoted to keeping your vision alive, but some sections of your route might not work logistically. If that’s the case, they’ll suggest alternatives or ways to improve it. Our team has collectively worked on hundreds of tours.

Your editor is also a sounding board for your ideas, a helping hand when you’re stuck or confused, and a technical assistant should you need one. They’ll answer any of your questions as soon as they can, and if an email doesn’t resolve the issue you can always arrange a video call.

If you have any questions, or would just like an introduction, you can meet our editorial team by emailing [email protected].

Testimonials #

“Creating this tour has inspired me to tell more stories and to explore other faubourgs. And working with the editors of VoiceMap has been a delight!”
-Denise Altobello, Teacher, Writer and Traveller

“The team at VoiceMap is exceptional and helped me through each step…. Adam was of great help in this process. His tips and “blanket tent” suggestion were perfect! It greatly improved the sound quality.”
-Gabriella Centeno, Primary School Teacher

“VoiceMap is a fantastic audio storytelling concept for both those who want to experience the unique intimacy of a GPS triggered walking tour, and for those who want to create them. It has opened up limitless possibilities for us as audio producers.”
-Matthew McLean, Yap Audio Production

“Creating VoiceMap walking tours has been a smooth process, both in terms of the software, which is straightforward and largely intuitive, and the personal support from VoiceMap staff, who are competent and helpful. I can’t wait to create a few more!”
-Philippa Campsie, Urban Planner and Blogger (Parisian Fields)

“I love the VoiceMap platform because it looks slick, it works well, and the people behind it are really dedicated. I researched five different platforms and VoiceMap blows them all away.”
-Matthew Affolder, Island Buddy Audio Tours

“From a writer’s perspective, working with VoiceMap has been an amazing experience. The storytelling tutorial is clear. The publishing tool is wonderfully interactive and easy to use. The team of skilled editors has been incredibly helpful and highly responsive. The whole process was seamless. I’ll definitely be writing another story very soon.”
-Vicky Truter, Editor

“For neighborhood historians, VoiceMap is an essential tool for immersing visitors in our local history. VoiceMap helps us provide historical context to users in our own words as they walk through the modern landscape at their own pace and on their own schedule. The knowledgeable and personalized support offered by the staff at VoiceMap throughout my program’s development cycle, in addition to VoiceMap’s intuitive and easy-to-use process, made the experience both creative and fun! I’m looking forward to developing my next immersive tour with VoiceMap!”
-Evelyn Rose, Chief Tramping Officer, Tramps of San Francisco

“Thank you so so much for having me be a part of this, I think this is a tremendous app that has many useful applications in a variety of fields, and is particularly intriguing within the music field.”
-Pete Amara, Music Journalist

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