What you need to record your tour

You don’t need to own a recording studio, a professional microphone or an audio interface in order to get a decent recording of your tour, although if it’s a yes to any of those, then great! If, like the majority of storytellers, this is new territory for you, then not to worry. These days, smartphones come with remarkably proficient microphones. If you own a smartphone, then you’ve got all you need to record your tour right in your pocket.

There are a variety of free recording apps for both Android and iPhone which you’ll find in the Google Play or iTunes store.

Have a look at our blog post on recording on your smartphone, where we recommend our personal choices for both Android and iOS.

A smartphone is a simple and effective first choice. But it’s not the only option if you don’t own one. With some basic steps, you can easily setup recording on your laptop or computer.

If you are on Windows, we recommend Audacity  – https://www.audacityteam.org/

It’s free (always a plus), straightforward and easy to use. It is also available for Mac.

If you’re keen to try Audacity, you can view our Audacity tutorial here

If you are using a Mac, then you most likely have Garage Band pre-installed. – https://www.apple.com/lae/mac/garageband/

It is also as simple as they come, and geared towards people with minimal recording experience.

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