How are my earnings from tour sales calculated?

You earn a royalty of either 50% or 65% from the sale of your VoiceMap tours, depending on your publishing plan. This is calculated after payment processing fees, which vary by distribution channel.

Royalties only apply to distribution channels managed by VoiceMap, which include in-app purchase, and resellers. If you use voucher codes to sell tours yourself, through your own channels, you only pay a fee for the voucher of $,2.00, $0.89, $0.62 or $0.31. The price of vouchers depends, once again, on your publishing plan.   

You can use this calculator to estimate your royalties with different prices, sales channels, and publishing plans. 

A screenshot from the royalty calculator

Our distribution channels include:

  • Website purchases, processed by Stripe, which charges 3.4% plus $0.50 SGD per transaction. ($0.50 SGD is roughly $0.35 USD, but when the exchange rate moves, it can be a few cents higher or lower.)
  • In-app purchases, processed by either Apple or Google, which both charge 15% per transaction.
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Viator, Musement and GetYourGuide, which charge a base rate of between 20% and 25%, but might charge more for greater visibility. 
  • Open vouchers, which have a specific number of credits that can be used to redeem the same number of tours. A voucher with three credits can be used to redeem three tours, for example, and this is sometimes restricted to a specific city – so users might buy a voucher that can be used to redeem three tours in London only. The vouchers are sold for a single price, normally with a bulk discount, and this amount is used to calculate an equal royalty upon redemption. For instance, when a user redeems a tour with a voucher that had three credits – but now has two left – and that voucher cost $15, the publisher of the tour receives either 50% or 65% of one third of $15 – so $2.50 or $3.30. Our gift vouchers are an example of this. 

Open vouchers are a tiny portion of overall sales for the time being, and the majority of purchases through VoiceMap’s channels are made in the app, via OTAs, or on our website, in that order. We’re also always looking for new distribution channels to add to this list. 

Once your tours have been published, you’ll see sales reflected on your reporting dashboard in real time. You’ll find a guide to the sales reports on this dashboard here.

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