The submission process

VoiceMap is an open platform, and you’re responsible for the facts and opinions you include in your story. But because location-aware audio is a new medium, it helps to have an editor. They’ll make sure that you’ve timed everything well, and suggest changes that make your script easy on the ear and your directions easy to follow.

The editing process has a number of steps that take you from map to published walk. The list of locations below the map – or to the right of it, if you’ve clicked on Edit Map – are important now, because they’ll help you keep track of your progress.

Step by step guide

  1. Start writing, by clicking on the icon next to the location’s title. It looks like a pen and paper.
  2. Enter your script into the text field marked Script. You’ll see two numbers in brackets next to it. The first is your actual word count, updated while you type, and the second is the recommended word count, matched to the distance.
  3. Save a location to come back to it, or Save and submit if it’s finished.
  4. Your editor will receive an email when you submit a location. They’ll take a look and either approve the location’s script or, if necessary, suggest changes. They might also leave comments.
  5. When the editor is done, you’ll receive an email saying that your script has either been approved or edited.
  6. If your script has been edited, you’ll see tracked changes and comments.
  7. If your script has been approved, you’ll see an icon that looks like headphones. Don’t record the audio just yet. Wait until the script for every location has been approved. When it has, you’ll receive an email requesting a sample recording.
  8. If there are any problems with the sample recording, your editor will help you to resolve them. If the quality is good, you can record and upload the audio.

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