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This is an overview of VoiceMap’s publishing agreement. The complete terms and conditions for publishers are available here, as a PDF.

Royalties #

When somebody buys a route, the publisher earns royalties equal to 50% of the purchase price, minus payment processing costs. Payment processing costs vary by platform. If a route is purchased in app, a 30% fee is deducted by Google Play or a 15% fee is deducted by Apple App Store. Payments made using a web browser, at, are processed by Stripe and are subject to a more complex calculation that varies according to the where the purchase was made. These fees are generally lower than the fees for in app purchases.

Ownership #

VoiceMap does not acquire ownership of any geodata, images, text or audio uploaded to the platform by publishers, but we may use parts of a route for promotional purposes, including printed and online campaigns.

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